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Say hello to Tatrym ❤️

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Say hello to Tatrym, the first commission-free trading platform for Central and Eastern Europe backed by a $500k pre-seed round from New York-based Bienville Capital

We are hiring, join our team.

Today, we present to you Tatrym — a soon-to-be the first real commission-free trading app in Central and Eastern Europe that allows you to trade shares, ETFs, and crypto.

At the moment, if you want to invest in global public markets from Central and Eastern Europe, you quickly find out that it’s difficult. You may decide to go to a legacy stockbroker or a bank and face the following:

  • Extortionate fees per trade execution (7–20 EUR/trade)

  • Hidden markups on foreign exchange (1.5–3%)

  • High minimum deposits, high management, performance, one-off deposit, and other fees (even on passive funds!)

  • Annoying in-person contract signing & verifications and old-fashioned web/mobile interface

You could use an online-only stockbroker but you need to be equally cautious:

  • High currency conversion fees & wide bid/sell spreads

  • Push for high-interest rate margin and other obscure products where most clients lose money

  • A limited number of free trades and high percentage commissions per trade

  • Inability to invest in ETFs or mutual funds that are often the most cost-effective options

In short, fees are high and obscure, the technology looks like from the 90s, trading is boring, and no one tells you if you are investing in companies that cause deforestation or throw plastic into oceans that suffocate sea turtles.

Things can work better and we will change them. Period.

We have witnessed it first hand. During our university studies and work in the US, London, the Netherlands, and Germany, we experienced the rise of Robinhood and other easy and fun trading platforms for ordinary people that don’t charge commissions per trade and don’t require minimum investments. When we returned to the CEE region, we were startled by the lack of genuinely good investment platforms.

We are building Tatrym to democratize fair access to financial markets for people in the Central and Eastern European region. Investing is one of the best ways to grow one’s wealth and we want everyone to be able to do it no matter how much money they have without being scammed by dodgy financial intermediaries.

We are making it simple. You will be able to invest in equities, ETFs, and crypto commission-free. No minimum deposits. A premium account will further allow you to receive financial news and analyses, after-hours trading, and access to managed portfolios.

As we strongly believe in combating climate change, supporting human rights, and good governance, all investment options will show you an ESG (environmental, social, governance) score to allow you to allocate capital responsibly.

We are also announcing a $500k pre-seed round by New York-based investment firm Bienville Capital. The funding, expertise, and deep network of Bienville will help us launch equity, ETF, and crypto offerings in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

We will soon be launching an invite-only version. Feel free to join the waiting list and invite like-minded friends 💚

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